NEFOC Network Monthly Co-Coordinator Update: February 2019

Bonjou mes ami, she:kolli, and greetings dear ones!

We are two months into a complex two year incubation program. You will recall last month a process of learning, nesting, creating, and affirmation. Not much has shifted from in this process. Liberation is never spontaneous (as much as it can seem like it)- every act paving a path to liberation takes planning and preparation. We are about as settled as we’re going to get, but there’s heaps more to learn, and far more pots to stir. There is much enthusiasm, a healthy foundation for support, and a desperate need for an institution that advances land sovereignty. Below you will find a brief update of what we’ve been up to over the month of February and what we’re looking forward to for the upcoming months. As you can see, one of the key pieces of work we’ve begun is the publishing of our new website! This is where we’ll be posting our NEFOC Network monthly updates from now on- this is an internally linked page that isn’t available to the wider public, instead only visible to the NEFOC Network Membership.

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